Can Kenyan mass sterilization reports all be fake news? Contra Conspiracy!

Vatican: UNICEF and WHO are sterilizing girls through vaccines

Some of these sites are TOP1000 ALEXA ranking sites, so top sites among billions of sites (domain names) in the world. However this can faked, they could have been boosted up the ranks, by robots constantly pinging the sites with a plethora of random IP addresses.

Moreover this could all be fantasy sites, a network, one site referring to another as THE top site of catholic people in the USA, could be fake, who says so, could all be disinformation, could all be fake news.

All these allegedly fantasy sites could have been set up by one organization, manipulating public opinion, could be a mafia shakedown of Bill Gates.

When I first saw and read it, it made me furious, I had compassion and felt sorry for the women and girls in Kenya, moreover I checked the ALEXA ranks they were then around TOP1500, I thought this must be sites with authority, moreover I did not believe one could boost up a rank that high artificially.


PS: The last link is from The Washington Post and if one looks one will find a link of a BBC report too on the Internet, OK they are skeptical about the alleged mass sterilizations yet report the issue and the controversy.


We must build a Universe Simulation inside the present Universe Simulation

We must build our selfs a universe simulation, just like the one we are supposedly in. The universe simulation we are supposedly in is what we call reality:

article in

Why must we build a simulation inside a simulation?

Simple said because of the infinite recursion that will happen, and the stack overflow exception that will shutdown the finite automaton system and stop the whole cascades of “infinite” recursive universe simulations.

Why would we want the destruction of the universe?

Because then we will get the Last-Judgment-Day of THE ARCHITECT (The Lord, God) otherwise people will start to mess with the thnetopsychism souls (souls in soulsleep) them selfs, sounds perhaps as science fiction, but people will by trial and error figure out sooner or later how to resurrect the dead, not by divine powers, simply by science and technology.

Think of it! When in the far future a Hitler or Stalin like megalomaniac dictator lays his hands on this resurrection technology, he could think he is a messiah, a jesus, a god or something and stuff, and organize a nice little judgment day himself 😦

No! The Last-Judgment-Day is not in this world, not even in this universe (simulation), but in the dimension of THE ARCHITECT and by only the hands of THE ARCHITECT and jesus christ and The Holy Spirit.

This is my believe and my pursuit of happiness.


Well yeah lets have someone of the Intelligence Community say wire tap or not :-(

Its like the butcher doing the quality control of its own meat.

This allegedly tapping and surveying of TRUMPs campaign team is supported by the many leaks to the ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN newspaper The Washington Post and other media.

Moreover all the connections of TRUMPs team with Russian ambassadors was political and diplomatic as to get the later TRUMP administration oiled and running. The Russians were eager because they betted that TRUMP would win. OK some made an honest buck of $ 30,000 or so for a lecture in Moscow, so what, we still live in a capitalistic society and system right?

Bottom line is that by leaking the Intelligence Community already confessed.

Free Will / Predestination Dualism

In Physics (quantum mechanics) there is this famous phenomenon of particle / wave dualism of light particles (photons), moreover there is also this strange double slit behavior, when you measure in which slit the photon went through its a particle, when you do not measure a single photon its a wave, look it up in Google “double slit experiment”.

We cannot grasp with our “3D” brains how this can be, the paradoxical behavior must happen in a dimension for which we have no senses, at a transcendental level.

I believe that this is also the case for the free will / predestination debate in theology, which is going on for more than 2,000 years now. Intuition tells the people when one is true it excludes the other, so the debate is highly polarized, however the Catholic Church seems to have found the golden middle by saying: “People have a free choice (free will) whether they want to stick to God’s plan (predestination) or not”. The problem even with this golden middle is that God is therefore not omniscient and as a consequence not omnipotent, because he does not know the future then, since the free will of the people is not influenced by Him, people are separate entities from the divine.

There comes a little help from the Computer Sciences (a branch of Mathematics) that goes something like this:

…deterministic Turing machines or non-deterministic Turing machines, can both not solve certain mathematical problems, these problems are called “with mathematical logic unsolvable problems” and are proven mathematically as such…

A guy called Lucas derived from above that there could be free will in humans, OK maybe far fetched, but nonetheless my basis too. I derive from this that both predestination and free will are equally true. Determinism = predestination as in planned events, and non-determinism = the random (True Entropy) uncertainty of events.

Godel Free Will (pdf)

With our fragile brains and psyche we cannot comprehend this dualism because its a paradox, why cannot both sides of a paradox be true? In God’s dimension, in the world of The Holy Spirit maybe this is maybe not a contradiction. We mortals can of course not act, think or experience like God or completely understand God. Moreover maybe God created the Universe simulation like this.

I think we got to have all free will / predestination dualism options open.

Scientists say: “Earth Axis Unstable”………

Before the year 2000 axis moved a little back and forth at random with an amplitude of 1 to 2 cm a year, now there is trend of 21 cm a year in the direction of Greenland (some say is going East along the Greenwich line, so to London). So there is a trend. In 15 years axis has moved along this direction about 2 meter. In the direction of London!? Well at first I thought they handed me the wrong dossier, but OK: “London wants to be the center of the world, right?”

First article is bit confusing however, for me as a layman, because it can be construed that it says that the axis tilted already 75 degrees and that the North Pole is already in Africa where it would be now severe cold and have the “pole night”. However same article also says a shift of only about 2 meter in 15 years or so.

Nonetheless every thing could mean that the poles are indeed on drift, and that after passing a threshold, we get a cataclysmic rapid pole shift (when you Google pole shift can also mean the magnetic poles by the way, but I mean and the referenced articles mean the earth axis).

Major axis shifts would lead to tectonic instability and gargantuan earthquakes and tsunamis, because of the flattening (I mean here tangerine like) of the earth and the on the magma floating continents (Wegner), because flattening will also shift and the floating continents movement and positioning need to equilibrate.

Explanation is movement and melting of ice caps on the North and South pole, that changes the mass distribution on the earth surface.

The Nature of Damnation

Blogged by John Vandergalien

Many people have tried to picture “hell” like Dante and Hieronymus Bosch (photo above).

Now we got the insight that we maybe live in an Universe Computer Simulation with a SOFTWARE ARCHITECT as our God, He can do practically everything with the simulation, He is playing the game, wants to get the High Score and go to The Next Level, he plays the game by influencing the free will of people by prophets and revelations. If this is true then the future is uncertain even to God, God does not know if he gets the High Score (he plans that way, that is the predestination part)

For God to get the High Score he threatens people to do submission to him, or otherwise be EXODUS 20:5 damned.

Now the “damn” part: God THE ARCHITECT puts the damned souls on last judgment day on a primordial planet (so only nature, like the earth was during Neanderthals and Cro Magnon People) they have now the burden to fight against nature for their lives and their families, like they get a new change, but they have no luxury, no technology and only the science in their heads. Surviving will be tough but can be done, they got to build from scrape a civilization, takes many generations, maybe they and their offspring learn to comply with the 10 Commandments again.

Wouldn’t that be funny!?

Dutch Blackberry PGP network busted about 20,000 users

Blogged by John Vandergalien

Police say it was a criminal network, used by criminals for criminal business.

Blackberry devices cost $1,500 per piece and you could only PGP text messaging with it. Mike was removed.

Moreover Dutch TV News (NIEUWSUUR) said that the Police could also decrypt the millions of messages on the busted servers in Canada and The Netherlands, strange because when PGP has been implemented properly the 20,000 private keys are only on the devices not on the servers. Could be bluff.

#bigbrothheriswatchingyou cannot think there must be total awareness / total control, because this would destroy doing business completely and mission critical info could easily fall in the wrong hands, could be sold to the highest bidder by police moles, secret service moles or mole cells (the secret service mafia inside the secret service, even unknown to decent hardworking honest secret service employees)

(NB: capo-di-tutti-capi is mafia godfather)

Lets for argument sake say, that the Dutch Police could indeed decrypt the millions of messages send in this PGP network, then the text messages are not worth anything as evidence in court, who says that rival cyber criminals, or police or secret services mole cells or the alleged (this PGP network) criminals it self did not tamper with the evidence on behave of the highest bidder?

The Blackberry devices seem to be save for man-on-client malware, that means that #bigbrotheriswatchingyou cannot look over you shoulder as it were while your typing the message (which is not yet encrypted).

PS: I don’t think that all this PGP network users are criminals, could also be honest business men that do not want that competitors know of their mission critical info

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