Dutch Blackberry PGP network busted about 20,000 users

Blogged by John Vandergalien


Police say it was a criminal network, used by criminals for criminal business.

Blackberry devices cost $1,500 per piece and you could only PGP text messaging with it. Mike was removed.

Moreover Dutch TV News (NIEUWSUUR) said that the Police could also decrypt the millions of messages on the busted servers in Canada and The Netherlands, strange because when PGP has been implemented properly the 20,000 private keys are only on the devices not on the servers. Could be bluff.


#bigbrothheriswatchingyou cannot think there must be total awareness / total control, because this would destroy doing business completely and mission critical info could easily fall in the wrong hands, could be sold to the highest bidder by police moles, secret service moles or mole cells (the secret service mafia inside the secret service, even unknown to decent hardworking honest secret service employees)

(NB: capo-di-tutti-capi is mafia godfather)

Lets for argument sake say, that the Dutch Police could indeed decrypt the millions of messages send in this PGP network, then the text messages are not worth anything as evidence in court, who says that rival cyber criminals, or police or secret services mole cells or the alleged (this PGP network) criminals it self did not tamper with the evidence on behave of the highest bidder?

The Blackberry devices seem to be save for man-on-client malware, that means that #bigbrotheriswatchingyou cannot look over you shoulder as it were while your typing the message (which is not yet encrypted).

PS: I don’t think that all this PGP network users are criminals, could also be honest business men that do not want that competitors know of their mission critical info

Satoconor (c) 2017

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