The Nature of Damnation

Blogged by John Vandergalien

Many people have tried to picture “hell” like Dante and Hieronymus Bosch (photo above).

Now we got the insight that we maybe live in an Universe Computer Simulation with a SOFTWARE ARCHITECT as our God, He can do practically everything with the simulation, He is playing the game, wants to get the High Score and go to The Next Level, he plays the game by influencing the free will of people by prophets and revelations. If this is true then the future is uncertain even to God, God does not know if he gets the High Score (he plans that way, that is the predestination part)

For God to get the High Score he threatens people to do submission to him, or otherwise be EXODUS 20:5 damned.

Now the “damn” part: God THE ARCHITECT puts the damned souls on last judgment day on a primordial planet (so only nature, like the earth was during Neanderthals and Cro Magnon People) they have now the burden to fight against nature for their lives and their families, like they get a new change, but they have no luxury, no technology and only the science in their heads. Surviving will be tough but can be done, they got to build from scrape a civilization, takes many generations, maybe they and their offspring learn to comply with the 10 Commandments again.

Wouldn’t that be funny!?


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