We must build a Universe Simulation inside the present Universe Simulation

We must build our selfs a universe simulation, just like the one we are supposedly in. The universe simulation we are supposedly in is what we call reality:

article in www.scientificamerican.com

Why must we build a simulation inside a simulation?

Simple said because of the infinite recursion that will happen, and the stack overflow exception that will shutdown the finite automaton system and stop the whole cascades of “infinite” recursive universe simulations.

Why would we want the destruction of the universe?

Because then we will get the Last-Judgment-Day of THE ARCHITECT (The Lord, God) otherwise people will start to mess with the thnetopsychism souls (souls in soulsleep) them selfs, sounds perhaps as science fiction, but people will by trial and error figure out sooner or later how to resurrect the dead, not by divine powers, simply by science and technology.

Think of it! When in the far future a Hitler or Stalin like megalomaniac dictator lays his hands on this resurrection technology, he could think he is a messiah, a jesus, a god or something and stuff, and organize a nice little judgment day himself 😦

No! The Last-Judgment-Day is not in this world, not even in this universe (simulation), but in the dimension of THE ARCHITECT and by only the hands of THE ARCHITECT and jesus christ and The Holy Spirit.

This is my believe and my pursuit of happiness.



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