World Biogas Association (WBA) errect by Anxiety

Its just like how that girl from The Spice Girls sang: …you got him errect by anxiety…
(Melanie C “I turn to You”)
The World Biogas Association (WBA) was launched on 15 November 2016 at the

COP22 UN climate change summit in Marrakesh, Morocco.

Its mission is to facilitate the adoption of biogas technologies globally, with the belief that this is an essential measure for all countries to achieve their obligations under the Paris agreement and UN sustainable development goals.

The association aims to provide a global voice for the biogas industry and facilitating
an increase in the rate of uptake of biogas technologies, by engaging with key
multilateral bodies, investors and experts, and providing support at governmental and
inter-governmental levels. It aims to share knowledge, experience and best practices
from around the globe as well as promote investment in research and innovation.

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