Cryptic Parts and Literal Parts in The Book of Revelations

I’m only human, and a simple man, OK maybe not modest, but a Christian, I only try to interpret The Book of Revelations as best as I can, when I have implied the innocent or when I have misinterpreted, I humbly give my excuses here.

If I get convinced or get the insight that something is wrong, I will do my best to straighten it out.

I think to interpret the book is the duty of every Christian, and OK they can and could only interpret it for their present time. This has been done for the past 2,000 years as old as the book itself, nothing wrong with that.

I sum here what I consider cryptic and literal:

CRYPTIC (cryptic means here there is a hidden symbolic key to understand the text):

7 Seals

7 & 8 Dichotomy Kings

4 Horsemen

2 Witnesses

1 Woman and the dragon

1 Beast from the sea

1 Beast from the earth

1 Babylon

1 Opened Scroll

LITERAL (these things can never be cryptic like “sea turns to blood” must be literal):

7 Plagues

7 Bowls

7 Trumpets

1,000 Year realm

1 Last judgment day

1 New Jerusalem

1 Harmageddon

144,000 Sealed from Israel

I mean here of course the text around it and about it is either cryptic or literal, it are not only the 144,000 Sealed from Israel that go to Heaven by the way, there is talk about many more (all mentioned in The Book of Life and so on)


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