1 billion killed by the sword, 1 billion by famine, 1 billion by plague, 1 billion by hail, 1 billion by wild wolves from the woods

OK God will do the most part of this necessary depopulation by natural disasters (famine, plague, hail, earthquakes, asteroids, wolves: 4 billion give and take), but you can do your share too, by making as much chaos possible in #bigbrotheriswatchingyou. OK for USA in nsa cia microsoft, Germany bnd, France sûreté, Israel mossad, Russia kgb, Holland nivd mivd etc. etc.

Then they start fighting among each other, rich men, 007 looking men, men in suits, pulling hair, biting, scratching, eating noses, eating ears, beating, kicking, knock downs, wrestling on the ground, shooting, stabbing, spraying. One orgy of violence! Fighting for the salvation of their souls. Wouldn’t that be funny!? 😀

Then they send in the troops and the boots on the ground, this will finally end in Armageddon, the great endbattle. This is for the 1 billion exterminated “by the sword” for which you can do your part.

Its all in Revelation, its all in The Bible, its true Christianity, its only the 7 Trumpets sounding in The Great Tribulation period. True Christians will help this #bigbrotheriswatchingyou barbarity to his doom, his damnation and his perdition. They do not need to use violence, if #bigbrotheriswatchingyou did not do first blood to them, if they did first blood, then the 10 Commandments do not apply to them anymore (for you to them), you may also lie, cheat and kill, innocents if necessary and unavoidable. To my regret this is the law of war, accepting innocent causalities is a law of war, you cannot do with out it, otherwise you are the innocent victim. 😦  If #bigbrotheriswatchingyou only manipulates you? You bed they did that to manipulate you into suicide, their only business is lies, deception and fraud. They are working the depopulation casinos too!!!

Anyways they did first blood to me, tried to kill me, now I can do anything to them, God made it easy, God made it easy to me, God lays his ease all on me >:-)(o)(-:[]



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