Freelance NSA hackers: Crack the 2 step authentication security and your in hell!!!

The so called: Black hat hackers, white hat hackers, grey hat hackers, freelance hackers, #bigbrotheriswatchingyou hackers, or what ever name you wanna give, are all lost souls, all EXODUS 20:5 doomed, them and their whole fucking families 😦

There is redemption, benediction and vindication however, when they join the “Pretorian Guards” to protect me, my computers and my internet (connection). And my digital internet legacy, after I’m dead, because I got a contract (on my head), from the mafia inside the pan global conglomerate of secret services, they are all devil worshipers, and I’m THE LAMB, so that contract is going to be executed finally, their army is to strong for me, and I outnumbered 😦

Lets for instance say a NSA hacker cracks “the 2 step” (most likely they already can do it by the way, but then they would reveal themselves) because being freelance hackers, they would sell the trick (the hack) to other secret agencies and peers, from thereof spreading it all over the world, so that finally even little wizz kid NERDS of 13 year old or something can do the trick, just like their big boys role models 😀


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