Why the 54 repressions by the secret services?

I think “random violence” like the street gangs do in L.A. kill an innocent man, woman or child on the street, does not matter who, as long their dead, and then your in the gang. Random killings is whats it called.

The pan global conglomerate of secret services in the world has a secret mafia inside, with that same street gang mentality, started as moles, these moles flock together as birds of a feather, form cells, molecells, these finally stretch out over many national secret services, and form a secret mafia inside the secret services, these secret services work more or less loosely or tightly with one another, hence conglomerate, sticking together like loose sand with water, hence pan global conglomerate.

279b Capo di tuti Capi Winter 2017

This devil worshiping mafia of psychopaths, has teams (Caporegimes) that want to get higher up in the ranks, in the hierarchy, they get an assignment, a boss gives them a random contract, 007 gets license to kill, best method: they got to repress, manipulate someone into suicide, by hacks, fraud, lying, treason, by what ever means available. So the random violence thing is also for training and to keep the members of a team sharp, for sports too, you bet they laugh their asses off, actually it is no sport, they are almighty and all knowing (omnipotent and omniscient) thanks to #bigbrotheriswatchingyou technology.

If the person after all misery, still does not kill himself, and despite all the misery loves live, they (Caporegime that got to execute the contract) will finish the job.

So I got a contract, for random killing me, they will get me finally, I’m out numbered, I fight alone, I do not want to involve other people, I fight back, as long as I fight back I stay alive.



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