Revelation says: 1 billion killed by the sword. We take these lives, so that others may live :-(

I think God means in Revelation actually depopulation, because the world is overcrowded, overpopulated. The world strangles itself. Does not mean that everybody should do mass suicides now.

People can fight for their lives, people must fight for their lives.

Anyways Revelation says 1 billion killed by the sword, 1 billion by plague, 1 billion by famine, 1 billion by hail earthquakes asteroids, 1 billion by the wild wolves from the woods.

Actually Revelation says 3/4 of Nature exterminated, 75% of people exterminated. means 5 billion people exterminated during the 7 Trumpets and 7 Bowls of Revelation.

The 1 billion killed by the sword, means in wars, there will come a gargantuan world war.

Christian mystics believed, that this would happen, for a period of 2,000 years, OK they believed it would happen in their lifetime, nothing wrong with that, Christians must be prepared Christ can come back any day, Revelation could come to pass any day.

GOOD NEWS: 2 billion will survive, when all end times prophecies are fulfilled. They will start THE NEW JERUSALEM 🙂



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