The Protocols of Bijlderburg

We are going to stop the growth of the world population and keep it around 7 billion people.

We are going to do that by:

  • Reducing fertility in the human population, by for instance keep using BPA as a plasticizer for food and beverage products packaging plastic materials
  • Sterilizing women by secretly adding sterilizing hormones in, what we sell as life saving, vaccines, for women and their unborn children, or we say that women can infect their children or other people if they don’t take the vaccine. Anyways nice little stories like that
  • We first try sterilizing hormones in tetanus vaccines, and reducing fertility by ZIKA virus (spreading the virus by genetic manipulated and altered mosquitoes)
  • Tetanus vaccines with sterilizing hormone we did in Kenya on millions of women
  • ZIKA we did in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, in the hope that the mosquitoes would be carried back home all over the world in the luggage of the visitors and athletes of The Olympics. So we hoped that the virus would spread that way all over the world, and become pan epidemic

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