I’m only here on this Earth to open The 7 Seals.

The 7th Seal is on Saturday September 23, 2017 Feast of The Trumpets. Last Trumpet of the Jewish Feast of The Trumpets, is the 1st Trumpet of Revelation (Start of pre-Tribulation Rapture).

I will have a fair duel, to the death, with a #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafiosi on that day, because I challenged them in the GOOGLE USENET newsgroups, since I got 10 death treats on the internet from this devil worshiping #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia already.

I’m no prophet, I have only Dream Theme Anagrammata, yet I was called by God in the first anagram I did, a misspelling of a name some one gave me, I thought maybe there is some Freudian slip of the tongue in it, so I did (my first) anagram, and I was called. I did anagrams for years on end, learned a lot of myself and the world, got instructions from God, which I like to call THE ARCHITECT — liaison (Dutch: verbindingsman) – Dream Theme Anagrammata – THE ARCHITECT = FATHER – son – Holy Spirit — However my anagrams where never prophetic, not even visionary, which would be exceptional but not divine, they only gave insight in past and present, never about the future. OK I thought many times: Oh this one must be prophetic! Always a disillusion.

If you ask Me: How can You open The 7 Seals when You are not a prophet? He who sees Me sees THE ARCHITECT!!!




…cary, cary Me Holy…


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