Suicide Card? or Messiah Card? Come on boy play!!!

When a man and a woman have a relation, and for instance the man wants to leave his wife. The wife can then play the Suicide Card: Oh if you’re going to leave me? I will kill myself!!! 😦

The Messiah Card is a kind of joker card in the deck, when some one is really cornered, like they fuck with his business, then he must fuck with their business. He can only do that, since he is cornered, by drawing The Messiah Card and play Jesus Christ, God, THE LAMB, EL KHIDR, the devil, satan, lucifer, APOLLYON or ABBADON, or all in one, all at the same time. CRAZY HEH!?


PS: When you draw The Messiah Card you got to play until the end, until the end game, to the death if necessary. STAY IN YOUR ROLE!!! COME HELL OR BAD WEATHER!!!


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