I declare Internet as an lawless zone, no security or guarantees whatsoever!!!

  • Ordering products at web shops at your own risk
  • Money transfers at your own risk
  • Data integrity of your data what you see and what others see as your data, no guarantee
  • No guarantee that news or other information is true
  • Brand or trade names and logos on websites or emails is no guarantee of authenticity
  • No guarantee that YOUR Internet is the same as the Internet other peoples see
  • Trust website, web shop or blog visitors statistics at your own risk
  • No guarantee that ADWORDS and the corresponding Google Analytics visitors statistics are correct
  • No guarantee that ADWORDS and the coupled Google Analytics account statistics are not only meant to suck your money out of the bank
  • No guarantee that what you place on the Internet can in principle be seen by everybody
  • Guarantee however that Internet is a lawless zone, a combat zone, an anarchistic community, ruled by freelance hackers (from Russia, North-Korea, USA etc.) the devil worshiping #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia and the “bonafide” secret services

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