Suppressed by devil worshiping #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia? 10 Death treats already? Play “The Messiah” card!!!

I do that by playing THE LAMB / EL KHIDR. I do “The Sleep of Siloam” concept of Madam Blavatsky all the time now. Sleep deprivation with strong coffee, aphrodisiacs and libido rituals, then you come during the day in a divination narcoleptic state and get flash dreams (subliminal impressions with text dream themes).

I do anagrammata on these dream themes and get instructions, so one gradually comes into enlightenment, I get the instructions from THE ARCHITECT of our Universe Simulation, we call reality, this is one way to open seals from Revelation “The 7 Seals”.

When you copy cat me, it does not matter if you feel and think at times that your a demon or a fallen angel, lucifer, satan, APOLLYON, ABBADON, it all comes with the territory. Because you will also feel, like Jesus, the second coming, THE MESSIAH, Isiah, Daniel, a prophet etc. etc. at times.






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