Blogs and Conspiracy Theories

Nice! A course in conspiracy (theory) 😀

Lorelle on WordPress

Ian of Letters from Home asked me about my article series on the Blog Herald about conspiracy theories and blogs, wondering why I was doing such a series:

…what’s the point of this series on conspiracy theories? Why encourage people to muddy the waters further? Is it all in the name of generating hits, traffic and ultimately, money? If so, then imho it’s pretty cynical and counter-productive. With so much to sift through out there, the world needs more clarity and truth, not BS.

I agree totally. I’d rather all bloggers blogged with clarity and truth in mind. As to why do such a series? Because it’s there. Because blogs are using conspiracy theories as part of their communications and storytelling techniques.

Bloggers Start and Perpetuate Conspiracy Theories

I frequently stumble across a lot of good bloggers, even top notch bloggers, that I think have gotten a little lazy…

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