Conspiracy Theories

That guy is INNOCENT!!! ;-(


Let us now probe a subject that is unlikely to ever be treated during the proceeedings, at any grade of judgment, because it is after all that kind of stuff not even defenses like to introduce into a trial.

The essence of any conspiracy theory in this particular case is that not only Massimo Bossetti is innocent, but he has also been framed.

How and by whom is what differentiates the various theories.

Another key element of those theories is that the DNA profile attributed to Unsub1 technically matches Bossetti (as regards alleles and loci) but it has never been physically released by the defendant on the body of Yara Gambirasio.

So, what kind of DNA is that?

In more or less all of the conspiracy theories this DNA usually belongs to one of two typologies: or it is a synthetic DNA, produced through PCR or plasmoids according to the…

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