“Conspiracy Theorist”: Just Another PC Thoughtcrime Label

PC-thought crime? Thought crime by aid of a computer network (internet) 😀 No kidding: I’m a conspiracy, I mean there is a conspiracy against me, the darkness around me, read more in my blogs


conspiracy reginald.jpgNot all situations labelled ‘conspiracy theories’ are wild fantasies. Sometimes they are actually ‘conspiracies’ and turn out to be fact.

Not all people who express a shocking opinion you disagree with, are ‘loons’, or members of the ‘tin-foil hat brigade’. Sometimes they are simply better informed and/or more open-minded than the person using flippant label to disparage them.

This is a comment meant for all, but especially the people who are quick to play the ‘conspiracy theorist loon’ card. In fact – if someone accuses you of this – send them this link.  Who knows – it may make them reconsider their position (unlikely), or at the very least, they may self-censor when they feel compelled to blurt out this accusation on impulse.

First of all – let’s examine the definition:

conspiracy theory definition.jpg

Quite simple really. Nothing to feel ashamed of, nothing to repel you, nothing to inspire instant dislike or ridicule…

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