Annelisa Leinbach-Invisible Cities-June 30th at 19h-Berlin

I wish I could come! Openings always have great art, free drinks and food 🙂

Art Aia

La Dolce Berlin is pleased to announce the solo exhibition of Annelisa Leinbach on June 30th at 19h at our venue.

Annelisa Leinbach-Invisible Cities

calvino door small.jpg

Art Aia – La Dolce Berlin
Uban (U6) Seestr
Opening on Friday June 30th at 19h
Sustainable Wines by

The thing I love most about art is its ability to connect people across boundaries of language, background, and culture. So I especially love to capture people and nature – things that are alive. The complexity of human expression alone is something I could explore for a century.

I was born in Preetz, Germany but grew up in the American southwest, where my childhood camping in the wilderness gave me a love for travel. After high school, I moved across the country to Yale University, where I studied art and its connections to law and journalism. I have painted work from…

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