Rapture Paradox

There are many Evangelistic Christians (maybe hundreds of millions) believing in “the rapture”. Meaning just before the 1st Trumpet sounds, of The Book of Revelation, the body of Christ (The Church of all believers that accept Christ as The Savior), that are about 2 billion still living Christians, is taken up at once to Heaven. So about 2 billion people removed from this world and taken up to Heaven for union with the Divine, for union with Christ.

When 2 billion people are taken up, the remaining 5 billion non believers in Christ, they must start thinking, right?, the 2 billion gone must be missed, right? What must the remaining 5 billion on earth be thinking? This is a miracle from God!!! They must be thinking Christianity is the true religion, right? They would all convert to Christianity. Or is it then to late?

This is the paradox, then The Great Tribulation would be done on now 5 billion remaining Christians.



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