The ‘Intelligence Community’ (Read: #bigbrotheriswatchingyou) is the only impact that may go viral on the Internet

Internet is intended for free flow of ideas, OK we got the occupies (i.e. Occupy Wall Street in 2011), Project X phenomena and the Arab Spring in 2011 thanks to that ideas could still go viral on the Internet.

But now somehow the ‘Intelligence Communities’ in the world has build in some fail save system that this never happens again. Which is stupid because people will adapt to hypes finally, will adapt to the mongering and mass manipulation by fake conspiracies and fake news. Only the true, good and real things will remain.

Now this suppressing and confining of hypes by the ‘Intelligence Community’ has gone viral itself. We call that in Dutch: The referee has killed the match by too much penalties.

Example Twitter’s Shadow Banning: When you are a free thinking rebel, lets say you got 2,000 followers, your tweets go to maybe 20 of your followers or to none at all, when you get so angry about that, because you have the suspicion, and start tweeting more and more extreme and radical, then all of the sudden such a radical tweet, that could potentially destroy and damage you, is passed through to maybe 1 million Twitter accounts, despite you only have 2,000 followers, just to fuck with you, there is a sick game in these (Twitter board of editors) people.


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