Amount of punishment is a constant, only divided by the number of people (X) that got the message

If you are the only one that got the message, and you do not convert and you did not spread the message before I die, than:

punishment until end of universe / X => X = 1 => punishment until end of universe = 2 billion years or so

thats a couple of billion years, in the old days they called that for eternity, which is not correct, its limited

Lets say X = 10 => 2 billion years / 10 => punishment 200 million years, lets say 5 converted and 5 stayed pagans, then at Last Judgment Day the pagans are each punished for 200 million years, spend 200 million years on a primordial planet, with only nature, no technology, no civilization, or you got to make or build it yourself, you cannot commit suicide while in HELL by the way, you immediately resurrect with another painful experience in your memory

Lets say 1 billion people got the message by the Internet, don’t worry THE ARCHITECT of our Universe Simulation keeps track of the statistics, then the pagans only stay 2 years in HELL >:-D

and so on…


PS: Spread the message as quickly as possible, I do not live long, only a couple of months, I think, but God decides, message is in my (blogs) media


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