Can be they (Knights of Malta gang) are after me for a long time, I had extremely bad luck in my youth and as a young man

…5 man made occurrences with extremely low probability I can still remember, OK also 2 magical life savings I can recall, a couple of maybe paranormal phenomena. (These last two items could only look supernatural, could be experienced as supernatural by me in that time period, but not anymore) I cannot believe these past 5 suppressions and the lately 54 suppressions are all from God, that it is predestination by God, can also be explained that I had, in the eyes of some influential esoteric society, a lousy horoscope by birth, oh My God he has the horoscope of the Antichrist, we must work against him!!! (if true: Where do they get something like that? From the Vatican library? Has some medieval mystic wrote it down long ago? Saw in a movie once that people that are dying from strangling by hanging could predict the future for a couple of seconds, the two heroes of the movie needed to know something, so the Vatican department hanged a couple of people on a row, found that quite funny at the time. 😀 ) But repressions by man it is, not by God, only lead to make me angry and made me cruel, only summoned the demons in me, when some one is made really angry we say in Dutch: he is like the Devil(des duivels) nothing paranormal about that. OK I’m “des duivels” now, they made making a career, getting a family, a normal life, impossible for me. Now I don’t give a fuck what people think, made me still happy, despite all the repressions.


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