PRETORIANS: People threaten me want to fight, Friday 15 July 2017 around 6:00 PM outside Cretopia, Westkruiskade 51, Rotterdam, across the street there is a security camera

…the young man that aggressive threaten me, is probably of Indian ethnicity, stood beside the girl with the baseball cap, she more or less is a locally famous artist. I know her, I wanted to talk to her, we were outside smoking, I stood beside her group of friends, there was a little barricade between me and the group, I said something innocent, just a joke for Cretopia insiders, I thought they were too Cretopia insiders. Suddenly I was threatened, by could be an informer or secret agent, he stood between me the barricade and the woman artist with the baseball cap. I was stunned and could only say something back a couple of seconds later, then I went away, I had a couple of drinks before, I would have fought but better not if its avoidable, peculiar is that it was totally unprovoked, out of the blue, could be just to intimidate me. Could be “Knights of Malta gang” doing.

Now maybe the “Knights of Malta gang” have photoshopped the security footage of that night already, maybe even while monitoring, while I’m writing this.


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