PRETORIANS: Apartment above me should on office hours be unoccupied, but always someone there, at night while I’m working going from desk to bed to desk… stuff is moved???

Above neighbor women, says she has three jobs, is not at home from 7:00 AM to 6:00 PM. But during office hours I sometimes hear someone walking above me, we have a noisy building, wooden floors / cardboard ceiling.

There were times a couple of years ago I thought I had a workshop above me: drilling, hammering, polishing machine, sanding machine, did go on for weeks, crazy noise on office hours, I flead out the house. Could be bullying, kept me awake, I sometimes work all night sleep all day, I still do.

Now crazy thing is that maybe they move stuff, at night when I work a hour at my desk, watch TV on my bed for half a hour, then back to my desk and so on and so on, thats my all nighters routine, because they have brain waves tap scanner to move back and forth. A MIND READER!!! OK sometimes I have a little bit to much fantasy, a little bit to much paranoia.

But I think mind reading by tapping brain waves over a distance with focused scanner is maybe possible. OK don’t think they can already remote control thoughts or the body and body functions of a person. OK I fantasied and blogged about it, but now I think this is not yet possible, but than again we are at the technological and scientific singularity


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