New Scientist: NASA develops ‘mind reading’ chip

…works on the vocal folds nerve system, unspoken words, thoughts, silent prayers are also send to this nerve system, vocal folds are then blocked by the will, not to speak the words, but the data is still send through the vocal fold nerve system. So it can be tapped by a microchip and send over the internet, to a central computer data center.

This science maybe intended for an electronic voice of people with vocal fold cancer or something, for people that have lost their biological voice. But look how this can be abused in the future, because potential terrorists could think of plan, calculate terroristic attack scenarios in their heads, all silently, so lets chip the whole world population and data mine potential terrorists out!!!

There will be no privacy of the mind, of the soul, of your thoughts, of your hidden passions, of your prayers, of who you are in love with, no relation games etc. etc.

This is not the kind of science I had in mind, when I went to the university in the 80s, I’m not proud about what science has become since then and where its heading, all hubris and abominations, leading to a inhumane #bigbrotheriswatchingyou world, the greatest problems are not the terrorists, but the mass abuse of the population, manipulating them to behave only for the benefit of the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia.




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