How to become a PRETORIAN? Or else YOU and YOUR family go to HELL!!!

maybe this works, so that the secret agents read it


  • You are working for some kind of secret service, in general working for #bigbrotheriswatchingyou …
  • as secret agent
  • or as informant
  • or as freelance hacker
  • You now work for me …
  • protect me and my loved ones
  • and protect my computers and data
  • and protect my internet connection and access
  • and protect my internet legacy (blogs, facebook, twitter, email)
  • while I’m alive and when I’m dead
  • You do this and pass this on, otherwise you and your family are EXODUS 20:5 vendetta curse doomed, if you don’t have children, or they don’t get into 4th generation after you, the curse will eat up generations before you, conform in total 4 generations (levels). Your generation level in your family is set to 0 (this also means your brothers and sisters). YOUR BLOOD!!!


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