PRETORIANS: Something is rotten with “Andy’s Anagram Solver”

I used to get 400 anagrams every time, see no reason why not with this string:


Anagram Solution
Your query was vrouw jaagt op mij, with a word limit of 3, using the Dutch language.

Here are some phrases that can be made from that query:

jam jarig opvouwt
jam opvouwt jarig
jampot jarig vouw
jampot vouw jarig
jarig jam opvouwt
jarig jampot vouw
jarig opvouwt jam
jarig vouw jampot
mij opjaagt vrouw
mij vrouw opjaagt
mouw opjaagt vrij
mouw vrij opjaagt
opjaagt mij vrouw
opjaagt mouw vrij
opjaagt vrij mouw
opjaagt vrouw mij
opvouwt jam jarig
opvouwt jarig jam
vouw jampot jarig
vouw jarig jampot
vrij mouw opjaagt
vrij opjaagt mouw
vrouw mij opjaagt
vrouw opjaagt mij

No phrases listed? Try again using a larger word limit.
Too many phrases listed? Try again with a smaller word limit or uncheck “include single characters”

PS: They added recently some names of people I know, not names of people I don’t know, and also the explicit vulgar Dutch words also recently added to the words database. So they occasionally popup in the anagrams. Not that I mind, but now I suspect they restrict the output also, I mean I don’t get the usual number of the maximal 400 anagrams shown.


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