Especially written for my PRETORIANS: Madam Blavatsky did not invent, practice nor promoted “sex magick” She thought sex was only for procreation and not for fun >:-(

Look what she said (in my interpretation and in my words) about “sexual gymnastics and alcohol excess”:

  • sex is a danger to women
  • sex is bestial personal gratification
  • sex and lust destroy wisdom and knowledge, into a state of animal gratification
  • sex, sexual gymnastics and alcohol excess is condemned by esotericism

This is conform The Noahide Laws: 4. Do not engage in illicit sexual relations. This means sexual conduct that is illegal AND ALSO against custom and morality, so is forbidden. Well is that last (against custom and morality is forbidden) part I object to! If the sexual partners are adults and they don’t have a relation, consequently do not do infidelity, not violating The 10 Commandments, than every thing is allowed in the eyes of God.

We don’t know whether Madam Blavatsky was a-sexual, what today is so much in fashion especially under women. However I read somewhere that she had a child, who died young?, so she can not have been a virgin, would be funny if she kept virginity to keep her clairvoyant gifts, but that is folklore, and also in a 007 James Bond movie.

signed THE LAMB


Theosophy on the Sex Problem


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