On the psychology of Kim Jong-un and his secret service: 국가안전보위부 doing nuclear electro magnetic pulse above CIA / NSA data centers.

People like Kim Jong-un are constantly worried about their own life, the life of their family, their friends, their party, their people, their country. In that order. In this case North-Korea. Now Kim Jong-un is afraid for a decapitation squad, this means some American Navy Seals or Special Forces killing the top of the party. This has always been the case, take for instance Hitler and Stalin, also afraid of decapitation squads. And afraid for their own miserable lives and their own stinking bodies first. What can they do? Fight back, as long as they fight back they stay alive.

Kim must now attack first (America) this gives prestiges, tightens the 국가안전보위부 security around him too, thats the natural process, people around him will now fight to the death for his life. CIA / NSA informants and infiltrators will become less confident, thats the nature of attacking first and the benefit, thats why he will do it.

What can he attack? Kim Jung-un can for instance attack the CIA / NSA headquarters, nuke them from outer space (then he will not be detected by defending anti missiles systems) OK, but better he electro magnetic pulses the CIA / NSA data centers with an nuclear explosion in the atmosphere, above a huge area of CIA / NSA mission critical data centers. However nuking the CIA / NSA headquarters during office hours (at a time with peak occupation of the buildings, parking lot and area) will give more prestige directly, the effect of the electro magnetic pulse on prestige will be much slower.


How can he do it? He can nuke from a submarine or a ship vessel, great enough to launch missiles with nuclear war heads, better to do 10 or so at once, while he still has the muscle. He fires the missiles in a sharp parabolic curve in non territorial waters near the coast about 5,000 Km up in space and let them straight fall down, then they go almost straight down gaining velocity by gravitation, too fast, too straight down to be detected and intercepted. Would need no fuel to go down. Only needs some extras for steering jets and to keep on target.


de verbindingsman van DE ARCHITECT


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