What Obama had to do with ELECTIONS 2016 is what every child would say

…if you can’t have fair elections with the internet, do elections without the internet :-)…


now the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia even has democratic elections in their claws

Better we go back to an all paper based system, nothing through the internet, no digital ballot boxes. Content ballot boxes is counted manual by humans, tallies, results handwritten. Handwritten results per ballot box, per voting office, are transmitted by couriers to the central collecting point of the election.

However the Grand Total, when the whole election show is over, is published on the internet, all results per ballot box, so from all ballot boxes, so the individual people that did the counting, the voting office managers and the couriers can check what they wanted to transmit to the central collection point, and what is actually specified for their ballot box / voting office in the Grand Total (the complete calculation of the election result, with all results per ballot box, per voting office, per county, per state and so on)