If this is not fake news, than there are satan worshiping and child sacrificing pedophiles among #bigbrotheriswatchingyou

Its said there are 4,000 to 5,000 of these animals, could be a cult inside the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou pan global conglomerate of secret services. The child sacrifices are for a training to become a psychopath, by killing conscience and regress to reptile brain. So these psychopath in training will get animal instincts only combined with human intelligence.


The ‘Intelligence Community’ (Read: #bigbrotheriswatchingyou) is the only impact that may go viral on the Internet

Internet is intended for free flow of ideas, OK we got the occupies (i.e. Occupy Wall Street in 2011), Project X phenomena and the Arab Spring in 2011 thanks to that ideas could still go viral on the Internet.

But now somehow the ‘Intelligence Communities’ in the world has build in some fail save system that this never happens again. Which is stupid because people will adapt to hypes finally, will adapt to the mongering and mass manipulation by fake conspiracies and fake news. Only the true, good and real things will remain.

Now this suppressing and confining of hypes by the ‘Intelligence Community’ has gone viral itself. We call that in Dutch: The referee has killed the match by too much penalties.

Example Twitter’s Shadow Banning: When you are a free thinking rebel, lets say you got 2,000 followers, your tweets go to maybe 20 of your followers or to none at all, when you get so angry about that, because you have the suspicion, and start tweeting more and more extreme and radical, then all of the sudden such a radical tweet, that could potentially destroy and damage you, is passed through to maybe 1 million Twitter accounts, despite you only have 2,000 followers, just to fuck with you, there is a sick game in these (Twitter board of editors) people.

#bigbrotheriswatchingyou is already fucking with the thnetopsychism souls

…trying to resurrect the dead, awaking sleeping souls, nothing paranormal or theological, just applied science and technology.

#bigbrotheriswatchingyou wants to play God, do a nice little judgment day himself.

However the LAST judgment day by God, THE ARCHITECT, will be not be on this earth, not in our dimension, not even in our universe, but in The Universe of God, in God’s Dimension, God will then also judge the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou human judgments days barbarity, the hubris, the blasphemy.

Because #bigbrotheriswatchingyou will threaten people into submission by human concocted judgment days: Oh the secret service will judge your soul! Oh the cia will send your soul to hell 😦 OK maybe in the future they even can do that, but its all human made, all fake, when they really do that stuff God will take revenge.

Here comes the perseverance and belief of The Saints.














If you are not part of the extermination of #bigbrotheriswatchingyou as the solution, you’re part of the problem >:-|

…and you are an enemy, of mine, of God, of THE ARCHITECT of our Universe Simulation, we call reality, you and your whole fucking family are EXODUS 20:5 doomed, stop working for the cia, nsa, aivid, kgb, mossad, mi6, microsoft and what have ye, you know if you are working for #bigbrotheriswatchingyou or not, right!?

now the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia even has democratic elections in their claws

Better we go back to an all paper based system, nothing through the internet, no digital ballot boxes. Content ballot boxes is counted manual by humans, tallies, results handwritten. Handwritten results per ballot box, per voting office, are transmitted by couriers to the central collecting point of the election.

However the Grand Total, when the whole election show is over, is published on the internet, all results per ballot box, so from all ballot boxes, so the individual people that did the counting, the voting office managers and the couriers can check what they wanted to transmit to the central collection point, and what is actually specified for their ballot box / voting office in the Grand Total (the complete calculation of the election result, with all results per ballot box, per voting office, per county, per state and so on)

devil possessions, St-Vitus dance, manifestations, clairvoyance etc. etc. its all going to be possible with #bigbrotheriswatchingyou

Take for example “devil possessions” #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can manipulate your brain and reprogram your brain by the electro magnetic force (EMF) waves of your mobile phone.

You talk to a person with your mobile phone on your ear, near your brain, and the EMF reprograms your brain, so that you go mad, like possessed. 😦

paranormal phenomena, are not always paranormal anymore