If this is not fake news, than there are satan worshiping and child sacrificing pedophiles among #bigbrotheriswatchingyou

Its said there are 4,000 to 5,000 of these animals, could be a cult inside the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou pan global conglomerate of secret services. The child sacrifices are for a training to become a psychopath, by killing conscience and regress to reptile brain. So these psychopath in training will get animal instincts only combined with human intelligence.


The ‘Intelligence Community’ (Read: #bigbrotheriswatchingyou) is the only impact that may go viral on the Internet

Internet is intended for free flow of ideas, OK we got the occupies (i.e. Occupy Wall Street in 2011), Project X phenomena and the Arab Spring in 2011 thanks to that ideas could still go viral on the Internet.

But now somehow the ‘Intelligence Communities’ in the world has build in some fail save system that this never happens again. Which is stupid because people will adapt to hypes finally, will adapt to the mongering and mass manipulation by fake conspiracies and fake news. Only the true, good and real things will remain.

Now this suppressing and confining of hypes by the ‘Intelligence Community’ has gone viral itself. We call that in Dutch: The referee has killed the match by too much penalties.

Example Twitter’s Shadow Banning: When you are a free thinking rebel, lets say you got 2,000 followers, your tweets go to maybe 20 of your followers or to none at all, when you get so angry about that, because you have the suspicion, and start tweeting more and more extreme and radical, then all of the sudden such a radical tweet, that could potentially destroy and damage you, is passed through to maybe 1 million Twitter accounts, despite you only have 2,000 followers, just to fuck with you, there is a sick game in these (Twitter board of editors) people.

If the ‘Intelligence Community’ drives TRUMP insane, TRUMP is not to blame!

…for his irrational actions, he is just like any human would do fighting as the best he can, for himself, for his family for his loved ones, thinking this is the best for the country.

If he was left alone he would have been a good president, now he is all the time fighting the leaking ‘Intelligence Community’ and their allied media.

#bigbrotheriswatchingyou is so powerful that they even can manipulate people into insanity (with selective leaking, monitoring everything a person does, suppressing the impact a person could have, hacking systems, photoshopping data) these people become then irrational, chaotic, unpredictable animals, an insane president is a danger for America, for the world, but the ‘Intelligence Community’ is to blame when TRUMP triggers an apocalypse.

Take for instance TRUMP Twitter account with 35 million followers, could be his tweets go only to key figures, that his account is squeezed, is suppressed to a great extent, thats called “shadow banning” in Twitter, people complaining: “Hé I don’t get TRUMP tweets anymore :-(” where can they go?, where can they complain?, where can they get justice? More over Twitter speculates that people will keep thinking: “Oh I must have missed it!” OK you will see them on TRUMPs account, one can still retweet, but bet on it, these retweets are “shadow banned” too.

TRUMP: you’re not responsible for what you do anymore, God made it easy, God made it easy to you, God lays his ease all on you []:-)

devil possessions, St-Vitus dance, manifestations, clairvoyance etc. etc. its all going to be possible with #bigbrotheriswatchingyou

Take for example “devil possessions” #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can manipulate your brain and reprogram your brain by the electro magnetic force (EMF) waves of your mobile phone.

You talk to a person with your mobile phone on your ear, near your brain, and the EMF reprograms your brain, so that you go mad, like possessed. 😦

paranormal phenomena, are not always paranormal anymore

TRUMP: Start a procedure for an UN Internal Affairs Tribunal in The Hague about the Kenyan mass sterilizations massacre ;-)

The tetanus vaccine program in Kenya was done by UNICEF and WHO, so UN related organizations. If indeed as the Kenyan Bishops and the Kenyan Doctors Association say that there was secretly sterilization hormone present in the vaccine vials, and they did not correctly inform the millions of injected women about that, than this is a crime against humanity. The people that masterminded and financed this should be held responsible.

Anyways could true, could not be true, where there is smoke, there is fire. An UN Internal Affairs Tribunal could find the truth.

I must stress here that the Bishops say the sterilization hormone was detected in the vaccine it self, so in the vaccine vials. Evil tongues keep spreading that they did it on blood samples of the injected women, only to put up a smoke screen.

Anyways ask the Bishops and the Doctors yourself!

OBAMA will become your friend and aid because he is half Kenyan!

Moreover than there have been about 600,000 Swahili women sterilized, Swahili Muslim women, and some of your Saudi friends are Muslims right?


The Protocols of Bijlderburg

We are going to stop the growth of the world population and keep it around 7 billion people.

We are going to do that by:

  • Reducing fertility in the human population, by for instance keep using BPA as a plasticizer for food and beverage products packaging plastic materials
  • Sterilizing women by secretly adding sterilizing hormones in, what we sell as life saving, vaccines, for women and their unborn children, or we say that women can infect their children or other people if they don’t take the vaccine. Anyways nice little stories like that
  • We first try sterilizing hormones in tetanus vaccines, and reducing fertility by ZIKA virus (spreading the virus by genetic manipulated and altered mosquitoes)
  • Tetanus vaccines with sterilizing hormone we did in Kenya on millions of women
  • ZIKA we did in Brazil during the 2016 Olympics in Rio, in the hope that the mosquitoes would be carried back home all over the world in the luggage of the visitors and athletes of The Olympics. So we hoped that the virus would spread that way all over the world, and become pan epidemic

Compartmentalization policy in secret services should be forbidden

Compartmentalization is that agents in the field do only know their part of the story, only what they need to know to fulfill their specific task.

This is wrong every agent should be able to know the whole story, should be able to ask questions too like: Who benefits if I’m doing this task? And Why?

Now the secret services are fascistic organizations, in Hitler Germany they called it “Führerprinzip” everybody obeyed without questions.


Since the secret services have all the power thanks to #bigbrotheriswatchingyou technology, they will turn the whole world into a fascistic society.

Compartmentalization is no excuse, if they have done evil to innocent people, they and their whole fucking families are EXODUS 20:5 doomed anyway!!!