normal matter, dark matter and doesn’t matter

It seems that 20% of the matter in the universe is dark matter and that 75% is so called dark energy, and that only 5% is matter made up of atoms (protons, neutrons and electrons). The astrophysicist need the dark matter and dark energy in their models of the universe, otherwise the universe is not stable and the stars in the galaxies could not all circle around the center with the same speed.

Stars further from the center or closer to the center, doesn’t seem to make any difference, all circling with the same speed. Here comes dark matter into play.

The enormous speeds galaxies move away from each other, expanding the universe volume, here comes dark energy into play.

Scientists try to find The Holy Grail of Science: A dark matter particle and a dark energy particle. Knowing that dark matter and dark energy is completely invisible for our normal matter world.

What if the Universe is indeed a simulation? A computer simulation? Our reality is only bits and bytes? We are running on a computer inside the real, eternal and infinite Universe. Then the Software Architect of our computer simulation could have programmed dark matter and dark energy behavior in to the program, so dark matter and dark energy are only features inside the source code. OK for us invisible behavior patterns of the Universe simulation.

Some scientists are very frustrated that they build and develop the most sensitive and expensive detectors, only to have as biggest probability to find nothing 😦