The first Freemason I encountered immediately put me on the wrong foot :-(

…by saying that the Unicorn was a chastity symbol. Me, some girlfriends and some of my brothers were talking about a video clip. I said to them: “Nice that Unicorn in that clip!” Were upon the Freemason replied from the background. Freemason was an uncle of one of the girlfriends. I still thought: “Oh he can read my mind!” because I kept thinking that day I must stop masturbating. I was around 13 years old or so.

I never forgot what the Freemason said, it sounded so profound.

Later, maybe years later, it appeared to me that actually the Unicorn is a male virility symbol, because of the horn, the Unicorn has a phallic symbol on its head, moreover the Unicorn is a wild beast, also a macho symbol. Its a symbol pro libido not pro chastity.

OK the Unicorn is also an Alchemical symbol for the Christian “Holy Spirit” can be that the Freemason meant that and it came out wrong.