Scientists say: “Earth Axis Unstable”………

Before the year 2000 axis moved a little back and forth at random with an amplitude of 1 to 2 cm a year, now there is trend of 21 cm a year in the direction of Greenland (some say is going East along the Greenwich line, so to London). So there is a trend. In 15 years axis has moved along this direction about 2 meter. In the direction of London!? Well at first I thought they handed me the wrong dossier, but OK: “London wants to be the center of the world, right?”

First article is bit confusing however, for me as a layman, because it can be construed that it says that the axis tilted already 75 degrees and that the North Pole is already in Africa where it would be now severe cold and have the “pole night”. However same article also says a shift of only about 2 meter in 15 years or so.

Nonetheless every thing could mean that the poles are indeed on drift, and that after passing a threshold, we get a cataclysmic rapid pole shift (when you Google pole shift can also mean the magnetic poles by the way, but I mean and the referenced articles mean the earth axis).

Major axis shifts would lead to tectonic instability and gargantuan earthquakes and tsunamis, because of the flattening (I mean here tangerine like) of the earth and the on the magma floating continents (Wegner), because flattening will also shift and the floating continents movement and positioning need to equilibrate.

Explanation is movement and melting of ice caps on the North and South pole, that changes the mass distribution on the earth surface.