Madam Blavatsky can’t have been a total fraud!

When you see her (Blavatsky 1831 – 1891) almost lifetime friendship with the respected and well known Henry Steel Olcott (1832 – 1907). She met him first in 1874 and they remained friends ever since.

helena petrovna blavatsky e henry steel olcott

(Blavatsky was plagued the last years of her life for alleged trickery during seances and plagiarism in her books. This broke her, her spirit was broken, drove her into an early death. She only became 60 years old, die so young 😦 She is still the cornerstone, and her teaching are the fundament, of the Theosophical Society by the way, which still exists today.)

Olcott was:

  • a NY Tribune reporter / newsman
  • was in the civil war anti corruption committee
  • a lawyer, he had a good business
  • in the 3 man panel for investigations about the Abraham Lincoln assassination

OK he was also, like Blavatsky, into seances and spiritism, got many connections by Blavatsky into the occult world, but nothing wrong with that. Olcott saw something in Blavatsky, it was almost a marriage, so close were the two, he saw the genius in her, and as a man of the world he could judge.