GNOME Bugzilla account hacked because of this reported BUG 783519

GNOME Bugzilla website and database is for writing reports about problems with UBUNTU and LUBUNTU applications (more in general LINUX) like there is a error in the program itself (a bug). A day later the password cookie did not work anymore, moreover it did not even work in the login screen, so a malicious hacker has changed my password, now they (the freelance hackers) can alter / maybe change this by me reported bug.


Bug 783519 – Erratic Behavior on LUBUNTU 17.04.01
Status: NEW
Product: Pan
Component: general
Version: 0.14.1
Hardware: Other Linux
Importance: Normal critical
Target Milestone: —
Assigned To: pan-maint
QA Contact: pan-maint

Reported: 2017-06-07 16:38 UTC by Johan
Modified: 2017-06-07 17:59 UTC (History)
CC List: 0 users

Description Johan 2017-06-07 16:38:11 UTC

– When in pane layout, Group Pane sometimes resizes on mouse actions elsewhere on the screen like clicking a header, sometimes so small that one cannot resize it to normal proportion anymore
– Followed threads with green 9999 mark disappear spontaneously
– Headers downloaded before and marked in Group Pane as for instance: alt.conspiracy (977) do not show up in Header Pane anymore when you click the group, not even when you click GET HEADERS (set to show all unread headers)
– Downloading the newest headers from a group or downloading headers from other groups spontaneously stops working, before it worked normally

Sorry for maybe bothering unnecessary: could be hackers messing with my system, than these are not a bugs, would be weird if it were bugs in a production version! Anyways the hackers are then waisting your and my time.
Comment 1 Johan 2017-06-07 16:44:31 UTC

I want to stress that it did work correctly for an hour or so, then I did something else for an hour, left computer on and when I came back only problems with PAN then, if I recall correctly header pane was filled and when I came back it was empty???
Comment 2 Johan 2017-06-07 16:51:49 UTC

I connected to the so plain text
Comment 3 Johan 2017-06-07 17:59:26 UTC

For clarity reasons: ALL 977 headers of alt.conspiracy do not show in Header Pane anymore