TRUMP: Start a procedure for an UN Internal Affairs Tribunal in The Hague about the Kenyan mass sterilizations massacre ;-)

The tetanus vaccine program in Kenya was done by UNICEF and WHO, so UN related organizations. If indeed as the Kenyan Bishops and the Kenyan Doctors Association say that there was secretly sterilization hormone present in the vaccine vials, and they did not correctly inform the millions of injected women about that, than this is a crime against humanity. The people that masterminded and financed this should be held responsible.

Anyways could true, could not be true, where there is smoke, there is fire. An UN Internal Affairs Tribunal could find the truth.

I must stress here that the Bishops say the sterilization hormone was detected in the vaccine it self, so in the vaccine vials. Evil tongues keep spreading that they did it on blood samples of the injected women, only to put up a smoke screen.

Anyways ask the Bishops and the Doctors yourself!

OBAMA will become your friend and aid because he is half Kenyan!

Moreover than there have been about 600,000 Swahili women sterilized, Swahili Muslim women, and some of your Saudi friends are Muslims right?



Can Kenyan mass sterilization reports all be fake news? Contra Conspiracy!

Vatican: UNICEF and WHO are sterilizing girls through vaccines

Some of these sites are TOP1000 ALEXA ranking sites, so top sites among billions of sites (domain names) in the world. However this can faked, they could have been boosted up the ranks, by robots constantly pinging the sites with a plethora of random IP addresses.

Moreover this could all be fantasy sites, a network, one site referring to another as THE top site of catholic people in the USA, could be fake, who says so, could all be disinformation, could all be fake news.

All these allegedly fantasy sites could have been set up by one organization, manipulating public opinion, could be a mafia shakedown of Bill Gates.

When I first saw and read it, it made me furious, I had compassion and felt sorry for the women and girls in Kenya, moreover I checked the ALEXA ranks they were then around TOP1500, I thought this must be sites with authority, moreover I did not believe one could boost up a rank that high artificially.


PS: The last link is from The Washington Post and if one looks one will find a link of a BBC report too on the Internet, OK they are skeptical about the alleged mass sterilizations yet report the issue and the controversy.