A country can only fight another country if it has a stable homefront!!!

Take for instance the USA: If the butfuckers of CNN and the sewage rats of The Washington Post keep on with their opinion war against TRUMP, dividing the country, destabilizing the country, America cannot go to war with North-Korea effectively. When North-Korea does the high altitude electromagnetic pulse (HEMP) on South-Korea and Japan and TRUMP is castrated by these media, Russia is going to take over.

If European Union (EU) is destabilized by terrorism, people protesting and rioting in the streets. EU cannot defend it self effectively against an Islamic invasion in the soft underbelly of Europe over the Mediterranean Sea. The invasion is still unarmed called “refugees” but that can soon change. Either EU recrutes them for The EU Foreign Legion, so straight from the rubber boats into the barracks (6 weeks training) then straight to the front, fight Daesh in the Middle-East: Well paid, well trained, only the best are recruted, only the best come through the training, only the best will really fight. Or Daesh will recrute them and send them armed into the rubber boats.