NEWS FLASH: 2nd Seal is opening (Korea)

Most likely its going to be a US lead UN coalition attacking North-Korea, never mind, Russia and China are going to intervene, and its going to be all out nuclear world war 😦


I have no hunger for war monger!!!

OK maybe 1 billion or so killed by the sword, 1 billion by famine, 1 billion by plague, 1 billion by hail, 1 billion by the wild wolves from the woods, says Revelation.

1 Billion killed by the sword, means 1 billion killed in nuclear wars soon 😦

Does not mean Christian should war monger now, OK they can defend themselves, defend their country, defend fellow Christians when they are attacked. But Christians should not stimulate war or manipulate people or countries into war.

Go with the flow, let the 1 billion by the sword be killed in the natural flow of things, Christians keep away from it as best as you can.