Megalomaniac Philosophy

  • You are the only real soul in the Universe
  • All other living beings like humans and animals are merely projections
  • You get this world and its projections to experiment with
  • Does not matter what you do with other humans they are not real, you’re the only one thats real
  • You are God inside your world, this world, inside the Universe

Time Line Prophecies could start after Rebuild 3rd Temple in Jerusalem

When The Temple is rebuild the Isaiah Jeremiah Daniel Ezekiel Joel and NT prophecies (like 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation) might be true, the time line could start there.

Could be true, could not be true.

Even when Temple is rebuild we are still not 100% sure whether what is genuine prophecy and what not.

Anyways different time lines from different scholars and Theology scientist are more or less consistent, so the time lines are correct, because its in the small and great prophets and NT, its the actual time line of The Bible (Tanakh and NT = New Testament), despite that they can still NOT predict the future, OR they are indeed genuine prophecies AS IN predicting the future

SO: Prophecies predicting the future, could be true, could not be true

Just type “timeline great tribulation” in Google Images

Apollyon is the Code Name for the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou “capo-di-tuti-capi”

In Revelations this is called “the angel from the abyss” and the “beast from the earth”. This beast has the number 666 or 616 and it speaks like the lamb, it gives the spirit to the beast who was en not is, the dichotomy 7 & 8 King.

In the 2 numbers of the beast there is also dichotomy, because one could be for the lamb (Ἀριθμὸς τοῦ θηρίου, Arithmos tou Thēriou) and the other for the beast. θηρίου (Thēriou) can mean both “a wild dangerous animal” and “a hunted animal, to be eaten”

So the lamb could be the hunted animal and have number 666 or 616

So the beast could be the wild and dangerous animal and also have number 666 or 616

Problem with the number of the beast (moreover here we even got 2 possibilities) is that there are so many possibilities and people have always manipulated and recalculated it to fit for Hitler, Napoleon, Nero and many Pope names alike. One can always find a fit by manipulating names of a certain person and go crazy about it.




We must build a Universe Simulation inside the present Universe Simulation

We must build our selfs a universe simulation, just like the one we are supposedly in. The universe simulation we are supposedly in is what we call reality:

article in

Why must we build a simulation inside a simulation?

Simple said because of the infinite recursion that will happen, and the stack overflow exception that will shutdown the finite automaton system and stop the whole cascades of “infinite” recursive universe simulations.

Why would we want the destruction of the universe?

Because then we will get the Last-Judgment-Day of THE ARCHITECT (The Lord, God) otherwise people will start to mess with the thnetopsychism souls (souls in soulsleep) them selfs, sounds perhaps as science fiction, but people will by trial and error figure out sooner or later how to resurrect the dead, not by divine powers, simply by science and technology.

Think of it! When in the far future a Hitler or Stalin like megalomaniac dictator lays his hands on this resurrection technology, he could think he is a messiah, a jesus, a god or something and stuff, and organize a nice little judgment day himself 😦

No! The Last-Judgment-Day is not in this world, not even in this universe (simulation), but in the dimension of THE ARCHITECT and by only the hands of THE ARCHITECT and jesus christ and The Holy Spirit.

This is my believe and my pursuit of happiness.


Free Will / Predestination Dualism

In Physics (quantum mechanics) there is this famous phenomenon of particle / wave dualism of light particles (photons), moreover there is also this strange double slit behavior, when you measure in which slit the photon went through its a particle, when you do not measure a single photon its a wave, look it up in Google “double slit experiment”.

We cannot grasp with our “3D” brains how this can be, the paradoxical behavior must happen in a dimension for which we have no senses, at a transcendental level.

I believe that this is also the case for the free will / predestination debate in theology, which is going on for more than 2,000 years now. Intuition tells the people when one is true it excludes the other, so the debate is highly polarized, however the Catholic Church seems to have found the golden middle by saying: “People have a free choice (free will) whether they want to stick to God’s plan (predestination) or not”. The problem even with this golden middle is that God is therefore not omniscient and as a consequence not omnipotent, because he does not know the future then, since the free will of the people is not influenced by Him, people are separate entities from the divine.

There comes a little help from the Computer Sciences (a branch of Mathematics) that goes something like this:

…deterministic Turing machines or non-deterministic Turing machines, can both not solve certain mathematical problems, these problems are called “with mathematical logic unsolvable problems” and are proven mathematically as such…

A guy called Lucas derived from above that there could be free will in humans, OK maybe far fetched, but nonetheless my basis too. I derive from this that both predestination and free will are equally true. Determinism = predestination as in planned events, and non-determinism = the random (True Entropy) uncertainty of events.

Godel Free Will (pdf)

With our fragile brains and psyche we cannot comprehend this dualism because its a paradox, why cannot both sides of a paradox be true? In God’s dimension, in the world of The Holy Spirit maybe this is maybe not a contradiction. We mortals can of course not act, think or experience like God or completely understand God. Moreover maybe God created the Universe simulation like this.

I think we got to have all free will / predestination dualism options open.

The Nature of Damnation

Blogged by John Vandergalien

Many people have tried to picture “hell” like Dante and Hieronymus Bosch (photo above).

Now we got the insight that we maybe live in an Universe Computer Simulation with a SOFTWARE ARCHITECT as our God, He can do practically everything with the simulation, He is playing the game, wants to get the High Score and go to The Next Level, he plays the game by influencing the free will of people by prophets and revelations. If this is true then the future is uncertain even to God, God does not know if he gets the High Score (he plans that way, that is the predestination part)

For God to get the High Score he threatens people to do submission to him, or otherwise be EXODUS 20:5 damned.

Now the “damn” part: God THE ARCHITECT puts the damned souls on last judgment day on a primordial planet (so only nature, like the earth was during Neanderthals and Cro Magnon People) they have now the burden to fight against nature for their lives and their families, like they get a new change, but they have no luxury, no technology and only the science in their heads. Surviving will be tough but can be done, they got to build from scrape a civilization, takes many generations, maybe they and their offspring learn to comply with the 10 Commandments again.

Wouldn’t that be funny!?