Apollyon is the Code Name for the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou “capo-di-tuti-capi”

In Revelations this is called “the angel from the abyss” and the “beast from the earth”. This beast has the number 666 or 616 and it speaks like the lamb, it gives the spirit to the beast who was en not is, the dichotomy 7 & 8 King.

In the 2 numbers of the beast there is also dichotomy, because one could be for the lamb (Ἀριθμὸς τοῦ θηρίου, Arithmos tou Thēriou) and the other for the beast. θηρίου (Thēriou) can mean both “a wild dangerous animal” and “a hunted animal, to be eaten”

So the lamb could be the hunted animal and have number 666 or 616

So the beast could be the wild and dangerous animal and also have number 666 or 616

Problem with the number of the beast (moreover here we even got 2 possibilities) is that there are so many possibilities and people have always manipulated and recalculated it to fit for Hitler, Napoleon, Nero and many Pope names alike. One can always find a fit by manipulating names of a certain person and go crazy about it.






We must build a Universe Simulation inside the present Universe Simulation

We must build our selfs a universe simulation, just like the one we are supposedly in. The universe simulation we are supposedly in is what we call reality:

article in www.scientificamerican.com

Why must we build a simulation inside a simulation?

Simple said because of the infinite recursion that will happen, and the stack overflow exception that will shutdown the finite automaton system and stop the whole cascades of “infinite” recursive universe simulations.

Why would we want the destruction of the universe?

Because then we will get the Last-Judgment-Day of THE ARCHITECT (The Lord, God) otherwise people will start to mess with the thnetopsychism souls (souls in soulsleep) them selfs, sounds perhaps as science fiction, but people will by trial and error figure out sooner or later how to resurrect the dead, not by divine powers, simply by science and technology.

Think of it! When in the far future a Hitler or Stalin like megalomaniac dictator lays his hands on this resurrection technology, he could think he is a messiah, a jesus, a god or something and stuff, and organize a nice little judgment day himself 😦

No! The Last-Judgment-Day is not in this world, not even in this universe (simulation), but in the dimension of THE ARCHITECT and by only the hands of THE ARCHITECT and jesus christ and The Holy Spirit.

This is my believe and my pursuit of happiness.


Experimental Dream Analysis by Anagrams II

Blogged by John Vandergalien

DREAM SEQUENCE: You dream that in a meadow there is a man taking care of a herd of cows, this is very difficult for him, because he is always drunk from also working spare time as a bartender in the local pub, drinking too much with the customers.

DREAM THEME: “bartender cowherd fool”
Now you crack the anagrams http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html and find those that have special meaning to you, and I found a nice one.


COLORS: RED (stop sign, heat, passion, love, anger)
Now you look up the symbols in the anagram in the dream encyclopedia on the internet: http://www.dreammoods.com/

To see blood in your dream represents life, love, and passion as well as disappointments. If you see the word “blood” written in your dream, then it may refer to some situation in your life that is permanent and cannot be changed. If something else is written in blood, then it represents the energy you have put into a project. You have invested so much effort into something that you are not willing to give it up. If you dream of blood on the walls, then it is a warning of sorts. There is a situation that you need to confront. You cannot avoid it any longer. More specifically, if blood is on the bathroom walls, then it indicates that the situation that you need to confront is an extremely emotional one.

To see a crown in your dream symbolizes success and prominence.
To dream that you are wearing a crown suggests that you are in a position of power. Alternatively, you may be basking in your own achievements. You are recognizing your talents and accomplishments.

To dream of a feather floating in the air signifies a life of ease, comfort, warmth and of financial gains. It may describe your lightheartedness and enjoyment for life. Alternatively, a feather may represent confusion, hastiness, and loss of dignity.
To see a feather in you dream symbolizes warmth. You are expressing your tender side and a desire to be close to someone. Consider also how the dream may relate to the proverb “birds of a feather flock together”. Perhaps you need to break away from the masses or you need to make new friends. If the feather is wet, then it indicates a temporary setback.
Red feathers represent negative inspiration or realizing your potential to be deceptive or angry.

It can mean that a person with great power over you, kinglike, for instance a superior at work (CROWN) has a grudge (BLOODRED FEATHER) against you, because for instance you insulted him or his family. This is of course only an example. But you see here that anagrams can reveal hidden and secret meanings of a dream, can be prophetic, forecasting or sense present and future events! They are a kind of horoscope, but this anagram method is not pseudo scientific like astrology, I like to believe its fundamental scientific deep psychology.

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Experimental Dream Analysis by Anagrams I

Blogged by John Vandergalien

This method is intended to reveal hidden messages in a dream. When you have dream material, like in a little story, and you can give it a theme name or a title of about 2 to 4 words (not to long, about 15 letters), then you can generate anagrams from that theme. With anagram solvers on the internet like http://www.ssynth.co.uk/~gay/anagram.html you will get up to 400 anagrams, which of course cannot be all hidden messages. The trick is here that you find the appropriate anagrams by Jungian synchronicity, a meaningful coincidence for you and especially for you only!


In my dream I met a guy named Alvin who moaned about being a twin.

I indeed once met two sisters that complaint that they are constantly addressed by other people of being twins.

“alvin twin hone”

Lets say for argument sake: You want to know how you think about a female friend called Ann. These A N N letters are in the dream theme. So you leave these out because the anagram solvers do not do names.
“lvi twi hone”

ANAGRAMS (out of 400):

in lithe vow
in liveth ow
in love whit
in love with
in ow liveth
in view holt

What is the most striking? = “in love with”, then adding missing A N N gives full anagram “in love with ann”. So subconsciously you are in love with that female friend (when you acknowledge the synchronicity of this anagram consciously). Maybe you did not know that! It can also be that you now realize the importance of this fact, which maybe crossed your mind briefly earlier in daily life. Moreover this is one “hidden” message and my experience is that there are usually around 4 of these in one dream theme.

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