Ransom virus Wannacry can perhaps be prevented with an anal #bigbrotheriswatchingyou implementing Microsoft update!!!

With anal I mean not mature, underdeveloped, recalcitrant and wicked.

OK Microsoft update will perhaps prevent Wannacry ransom ware viruses, but will also:

  • change behavior of computer at will of #bigbrotheriswatchingyou
  • #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can delete files and create files at will
  • #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can put incriminating data on your computer
  • #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can rebuild your BIOS
  • #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can completely monitor you
  • #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can deactivate hardware
  • #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can damage your USB ports workings
  • etc. etc.

Microsoft will stuff this down your throat, better take LINUX these people can still be trusted.