If the ‘Intelligence Community’ drives TRUMP insane, TRUMP is not to blame!

…for his irrational actions, he is just like any human would do fighting as the best he can, for himself, for his family for his loved ones, thinking this is the best for the country.

If he was left alone he would have been a good president, now he is all the time fighting the leaking ‘Intelligence Community’ and their allied media.

#bigbrotheriswatchingyou is so powerful that they even can manipulate people into insanity (with selective leaking, monitoring everything a person does, suppressing the impact a person could have, hacking systems, photoshopping data) these people become then irrational, chaotic, unpredictable animals, an insane president is a danger for America, for the world, but the ‘Intelligence Community’ is to blame when TRUMP triggers an apocalypse.

Take for instance TRUMP Twitter account with 35 million followers, could be his tweets go only to key figures, that his account is squeezed, is suppressed to a great extent, thats called “shadow banning” in Twitter, people complaining: “Hé I don’t get TRUMP tweets anymore :-(” where can they go?, where can they complain?, where can they get justice? More over Twitter speculates that people will keep thinking: “Oh I must have missed it!” OK you will see them on TRUMPs account, one can still retweet, but bet on it, these retweets are “shadow banned” too.

TRUMP: you’re not responsible for what you do anymore, God made it easy, God made it easy to you, God lays his ease all on you []:-)