Datacenters System Administrators beware for overclocking root kit viruses in BIOS

In principle malicious hackers can make a root kit virus that spreads like wild fire along the millions of servers in a datacenter.

This root kit virus targets the clock cycle settings in the BIOS of a  single blade server, like it reflashes the BIOS, reprograms it. Over clocks the computer so that the CPU “burns” meaning in Dutch “malfunction” and “damaged”. It (the CPU) must be replaced, but the newly placed CPU will also burn very fast again.

A whole datacenter is down, and all the system administrators work like crazy, like motherfuckers, replacing the millions of CPUs, and while they are not yet finished the first ones already start to burn again, wouldn’t that be funny??? 😀

This further spreading of such a virus among the millions of servers of a data center, can be done just as easily as hacking for instance the GNOME Bugzilla password of a Bugzilla account. …Its only a mouse click away… 😉

When this is done on a datacenter in the backbone of the internet (like the ones from nsa, cia and microsoft, because the whole damn internet traffic must pass these #bigbrotheriswatchingyou datacenters) we got a beautiful sale out, meaning total collapse of the internet 😦



Call for Damage Claims because of NSAKEY in microsoft Windows

I think that I’m a victim of that, I had the most weirdest problems with an updated and upgraded Windows 8.1 installation from the Windows Store, the upgraded Windows 8 came from my subscription to BizSpark:

…so it was legal, genuine microsoft software. It drove me crazy, I mean really crazy, got me hospitalized, I’m still very paranoid. Another upgrade the same day, same Windows 8 same application build (spare computer) had no problems, still does not have any problems. Only difference another not personalized Windows Live ID. THE PROBLEM W8.1 DID NOT WORK AND DID NOT EVEN LOOK LIKE W8.1, nobody of microsoft wanted to help, nobody wanted to burn their fingers. Cost me a lot of lost money and lost business. Must have been some kind of special customized Windows.

Don’t know why they did it!? I can tell you one gets real weird scenarios in ones head, but thats another story.