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Trying to imitate Rembrandt’s light (darkness / shadow / light) of his copper etches, like his “Faust” selling his soul to The Devil etch

This is very hard to do. I had luck with one photo, it happened spontaneously by using desaturate / black white threshold, can’t remember if I manipulated it, I don’t think so, most likely I saw it afterwards.

252d Ameely Summer 2016

Model Lies van Dalen “Rembrandt Lights”

Retry with photo from Madam Blavatsky, no luck, could not manipulate getting it spontaneously, end up copy pasting shadows from my “Rembrandt Lights” artwork of model Lies van Dalen

xxxb GRANNIE Summer 2017

Model Madam Blavatsky “Hail Blavatskies 100x”