now the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou mafia even has democratic elections in their claws

Better we go back to an all paper based system, nothing through the internet, no digital ballot boxes. Content ballot boxes is counted manual by humans, tallies, results handwritten. Handwritten results per ballot box, per voting office, are transmitted by couriers to the central collecting point of the election.

However the Grand Total, when the whole election show is over, is published on the internet, all results per ballot box, so from all ballot boxes, so the individual people that did the counting, the voting office managers and the couriers can check what they wanted to transmit to the central collection point, and what is actually specified for their ballot box / voting office in the Grand Total (the complete calculation of the election result, with all results per ballot box, per voting office, per county, per state and so on)

devil possessions, St-Vitus dance, manifestations, clairvoyance etc. etc. its all going to be possible with #bigbrotheriswatchingyou

Take for example “devil possessions” #bigbrotheriswatchingyou can manipulate your brain and reprogram your brain by the electro magnetic force (EMF) waves of your mobile phone.

You talk to a person with your mobile phone on your ear, near your brain, and the EMF reprograms your brain, so that you go mad, like possessed. 😦

paranormal phenomena, are not always paranormal anymore

Compartmentalization policy in secret services should be forbidden

Compartmentalization is that agents in the field do only know their part of the story, only what they need to know to fulfill their specific task.

This is wrong every agent should be able to know the whole story, should be able to ask questions too like: Who benefits if I’m doing this task? And Why?

Now the secret services are fascistic organizations, in Hitler Germany they called it “Führerprinzip” everybody obeyed without questions.

Since the secret services have all the power thanks to #bigbrotheriswatchingyou technology, they will turn the whole world into a fascistic society.

Compartmentalization is no excuse, if they have done evil to innocent people, they and their whole fucking families are EXODUS 20:5 doomed anyway!!!


Thats why I’m so pissed, 54 repressions and manipulations by nsa cia and microsoft #bigbrotheriswatchingyou


Updated: Wednesday 2017-06-21



2013: Windows Live Mail is constantly getting stuck and freezes, can not email for months


2013-2014: Solid State Disk (SSD) flows over by KPN Internet Manager, puts many files on SSD C: drive as in a diaspora, in total 20 Gb, can not use computer anymore, must constantly rebuild


2012-2013: 120 job applications, 20 interviews, 2 times accepted for longer time, 2013-2014: 350 applications at 0 times invited 0 times accepted. In 2012-2013 I did do about 20 job applications also on, and was invited for an interview maybe 3 to 4 times, not hired on these 3 to 4 interviews by the way, but as I said 2 times hired on the other job applications. Strange in 2012-2013 was still working for me (interview wise)


2014: ASBEST ASSIST Calvin Richardson does not honor business agreements, promised he would do a counter bid on my $ 50,000 bid, if I would write a comprehensive plan of action


2014: Regional Business Center (RBZ Rotterdam) in person of Roël Gorré does not meet agreements, waited for half a year 10 emails sent 5 times voicemail, only through intervention by the Municipal Lawyers can I do the workshops


2015: CAVERO The Hague  invites me for job interview, nobody is present, uninhabited property, hardly any cars in parking lot, seems fake company, cost me lots of money for the travel, CAVERO refused to pay my expensives


2015: Two computers running Windows 8. Windows Store Windows 8.1 Upgrade Update installed, same configuration, main computer the most crazy problems (this Windows LIVE ID had my personal name, so they could trace and target me) secondary computer does normal (anonymous Windows LIVE ID) Fraud help desk can not help me, Dutch Police did not want to help me, other Dutch governmental institutions did not want to help me either (7 technical things). This really drove me crazy, had to be hospitalized, I’m still crazy


2015: Best girlfriend Annelous Wieringa’s double suicide plan (at the same time suicide both in our own home?) I refuse and then I’m blackened by her at my customers: see police reports: 160110-292787213 and 160307-245862237 Could be she is an informant and they (AIVD) offered her a sexual partner or money


2015: Annelous Wieringa becomes more and more wicked like possessed



2015: 3 viruses in web hosting space


2015: Master Boot Record Avast virus scan, on reinstalled Windows 8.1. Comes in endlessly cycle, Avast Internet Security forum says there’s a heavy virus on your computer, their clean up method does not work


2015: Facebook is doing crazy in Chrome browser, will be a virus again


2015: 5 times my job application email will not be delivered, rejected by mail server, to different employers, because the domain name of a previous employer, in the attached email CV, would be on the blacklist, because her Joomla website had a one month outdated version? Since when are email attachments scanned? Moreover quite normal that websites have unsupported versions, considering the Joomla website was only 1 month outdated yet. Very strange


2015: Two times death threats tweets for me and a twitter friend, among others, by a carnival kind of VVD department St. Michaelgasstel twitter account, tweet deleted within 10 minutes, saying we will kill you and your Twitter Jew friend


2015: Once warning that I have a stalker at my door, tweet deleted again within 10 minutes


2015: 10 people in a row that I know by telephone or from Facebook and Twitter promise to buy stuff from me, get back on their word or start to argue


2015: Facebook account Tom van Campenhout sends me a too big pdf file 300Mb by email, I ask 3 times why is the file so big, can be a virus, never answer


2015: Google warns me that someone in an unknown location has tried to log in and knows my 1 week old 16 character strong password


2015: 1 in 23 probability that I did not sell on my web gallery pure by bad luck


2015: Probability 1 in 3.5E+017 that I did not sell at pure by bad luck

21. I had to have a Return of Investment (ROI) between 1 : 10 and 1 : 100 at Google ADWORDS. I invested $ 300 in the internet ads system and I should have made some where between $ 3,000 and $ 30,000 as art sales revenues. These kind of ROIs are considered normal. But I had $ 0 as returns, now I don’t know if I can trust the also Google ANALYTICS statistics, because I bought 6,000 clicks (having 1,200 not bouncing visitors that stayed longer than 30 seconds on the site and viewed 2 or more pages) Lets say 2% conversion factor (OK thats average and ideal and “The Holy Grail of Marketing”) then 0.98^1,200 => 1 on 3.4E+010 probability I had zero sales pure by bad luck


2016: Probability 1 in 104 that I did not sell at my web gallery pure by bad luck


2016 More than 20 times in a month the application pool of my web shop is disabled by ARVIXE, I file a complaint at Cyber Crime FBI, after that ARVIXE only pretends to help, but does not answer emails anymore


2016: Files disappear under Windows 10, my recent most important files


2016: Months I have 5 to 20 viruses every day, I delete them, always come back, not always the same viruses


2016: System freezes in critical moments practical every day, lose data, must reboot


2016: Facebook account password hacked twice in one week, took two steps authentication later


2016: Had to stop Twitter because of “shadowbanning”


2016: A girlfriend fools me, lies to me, all stupid and transparent lies, says she wants to buy art, just to fool me and to be a disillusionment, if I would have believed her I would have made costs, investment costs, and it would have cost me lots of work, this girlfriend still had contact with Annelous Wieringa, maybe she’d talked her into it


2016: My account is also suppressed at Facebook, also “shadowbanning”, but Facebook does attempt to bring you into contact with colleagues and peers, so that’s at least well meant


2016: Unprovoked threat for me and my family in innuendo by probably fake account in LINUX Security Forum


2016: If a computer is not already jammed by viruses, then a script runs in the background slowing the computer unworkable down


2016: Too often, files and emails disappear from my computer, usually the recent ones, ones I’m still working on, so important ones, like this document


2014-2016: If you’re going to complain at the police or other agencies, it’s not going to work out, as if they were manipulating behind the scenes


2016: Strong clues that Martin Rath (Work Coach Team Exit WERK EN INKOMEN DELFSHAVEN Municipality Rotterdam) has illegally received a dossier about me from Dutch secret service AIVD (he says for instance I have CCTV camera’s in my house) he tries to distort me with the information in it, force me into submission, funny how all these lying and manipulating is always done in innuendo, informants must have had a training or coaching or something, Martin Rath also seemed to have something in his ear, maybe he got realtime coaching


2016: G.D. Matinburgh for the local market permits (Vergunningen Gemeente Rotterdam) has heard “sounds” does not want to say from who, revokes license. Reason, my art market can not continue because I want to combine it with an ordinary market, otherwise I do not have enough participants. I have a license for 50 market tables. If I do not sell liquor or illegal items, but normal second hand stuff, new things and art then that can’t be a problem at all, right? That’s all weird, Matinburgh did not want to say who passed the information, later Deelgemeente Delfshaven Mayor Tom Harreman made up a nice story that one of my competitors was the snitch, but why did Matinburgh not say that in the first place. That is suspicious too


2016: Someone is putting millions of empty files on my hard disk, probably flooding the FAT TABLE so it gets stuck or corrupted


2016 They are now filtering my email, I have sent 290 contact form acquisition emails, I had to have about 6 buyers, 2% buyers, I always have something like that, but I had 0, it was sent I’m sure (by contact forms from another website, so another email server, not my own which I can’t trust) But the positive answers are filtered. Probability this happening pure by bad luck 1 on 350


2016: Nearly 2,000 artists have received a news letter message about my art market plans via local artist society (CBK) and nobody wants to participate? Via I had 100 artists and 4 who wanted to participate, then I should have had on 2,000 artists contacted 80 participating artists, the main thing had to come through the CBK, so secret services must have filtered emails. Probability not receiving emails pure by bad luck 1 on 3.5E+017




2017: An artist could not contact me 6 weeks ago by XS4ALL email, emails were rejected, could not access my XS4ALL website, found me 6 weeks ago in Facebook, send me a messages right away, but her Facebook message was only these 6 weeks later delivered by Facebook. She was one of these 2,000 artists of item 39, she was the only one that took the bother of contacting me otherwise. It seems that the secret services runs my email, runs my website and runs my Facebook




2017: My best viewed artwork at has had 483 visitors in 7 months (483 times the product page with the buy button viewed) and nobody has bought? Probability 1 on 17,290 times this happens by pure bad luck


2017: Accounting file suddenly gone


2017: Email to Job Coach seems to not have arrived


2017: 10 phone calls from sister-in-law about my Mother in the hospital did not come through while phone was charged and online


2017: 2 years after date, a CBK contact webform is sent again to one of my artists, he called again, I also contacted him these 2 years ago and was even in his studio then, he can not remember


2017: Unknown woman suddenly interferes and manipulates during a personal conversation between me and a girlfriend, setting us up, intriguing, could be an informant


2017: GOOGLE+ chat with best internet friend goes very strange, do not trust it, he answers to quickly with YouTube videos and stuff, a normal mortal can not do that so fast, can be a Turing test, I had to let him go, had to break contact


2017: USB ports on both of my PCs do not work (LINUX boot) with 3 different USB sticks, USB sticks do it on my new laptop though. Could be USB ports PCs are hacked in BIOS


2017: My Facebook friends could all be fake, actor robots or so. Take X.X., her chats disappeared, and strangely she posted about her chat problems by Mobile (messenger), but later she can not remember anything about it anymore, this could have been the real X.X. Also very gross and profound language used by some accounts, totally unexpected, without reason. We were chatting about normal things, but suddenly nothing but insulting spoken language, unprovoked, like someone intervenes


2017: In ATS newsgroups it’s like they are watching over my shoulders, posts from some people change (are edited) based on what I want to say while I’m still typing or translating. They also rub me things under the nose that can only come from emails between me and a girlfriend


2017: It’s like they’ve been in my house too, three times, I had computer malfunctions that can only be done on the computer itself, by or through the USB ports to corrupt the boot sector or open the computer and destruct hardware, I reported it by telephone to the police (0900-8844 / April 1, 2017 / around 9:00 pm). Also, once the plug of my desk lamp was out of the grid socket, which fits very tight, I thought then already its suspicious, but I let it go, then the 3 computer failures occurred


2017: Ten death threats in Twitter and the Above Top Secret (ATS) and GOOGLE USENET newsgroups, most of the time by innuendo

#bigbrotheriswatchingyou can interfere with your brain waves by WIFI (mobile phones)?

This is hypothetical, there is very few evidence, only that they can induce a divine experience by brain scan apparatus.

However since science is now at the singularity, this means they can already do unimaginable things, in secret, not everything is published.

Anyways if they can interfere with brain waves by for instance mobile phones (WIFI) they can perhaps already remote control thoughts and deeds of a targeted individual. People could not be held responsible for their actions and crimes in a court of law, people could always say that they were remote controlled by WIFI.

This means there is no “free will” anymore and there is only predestination, not from God but from a human #bigbrotheriswatchingyou.


Dutch Blackberry PGP network busted about 20,000 users

Blogged by John Vandergalien

Police say it was a criminal network, used by criminals for criminal business.

Blackberry devices cost $1,500 per piece and you could only PGP text messaging with it. Mike was removed.

Moreover Dutch TV News (NIEUWSUUR) said that the Police could also decrypt the millions of messages on the busted servers in Canada and The Netherlands, strange because when PGP has been implemented properly the 20,000 private keys are only on the devices not on the servers. Could be bluff.

#bigbrothheriswatchingyou cannot think there must be total awareness / total control, because this would destroy doing business completely and mission critical info could easily fall in the wrong hands, could be sold to the highest bidder by police moles, secret service moles or mole cells (the secret service mafia inside the secret service, even unknown to decent hardworking honest secret service employees)

(NB: capo-di-tutti-capi is mafia godfather)

Lets for argument sake say, that the Dutch Police could indeed decrypt the millions of messages send in this PGP network, then the text messages are not worth anything as evidence in court, who says that rival cyber criminals, or police or secret services mole cells or the alleged (this PGP network) criminals it self did not tamper with the evidence on behave of the highest bidder?

The Blackberry devices seem to be save for man-on-client malware, that means that #bigbrotheriswatchingyou cannot look over you shoulder as it were while your typing the message (which is not yet encrypted).

PS: I don’t think that all this PGP network users are criminals, could also be honest business men that do not want that competitors know of their mission critical info

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