Plea for weapon licenses for citizens in the European Union

This would be good as counter terrorism measure.

For me personally, I get many death threats in Twitter, Facebook, Above Top Secret newsgroups and USENET newsgroups, about 10 give and take, if I’m attacked I would like to defend myself.

OK there would be more killing in the European Union, but also less innocent victims that cannot defend themselves.

I fight against that devil worshiping mafia inside the pan global conglomerate of secret services. (this is the real #bigbrotheriswatchingyou this what you got to be afraid of)

Thats where the death threats meant for me come from.

I asked for a weapon license at Dutch police on June 6, 2017, still no answer, only conformation email and reference number


Time Line Prophecies could start after Rebuild 3rd Temple in Jerusalem

When The Temple is rebuild the Isaiah Jeremiah Daniel Ezekiel Joel and NT prophecies (like 2 Thessalonians 2 and Revelation) might be true, the time line could start there.

Could be true, could not be true.

Even when Temple is rebuild we are still not 100% sure whether what is genuine prophecy and what not.

Anyways different time lines from different scholars and Theology scientist are more or less consistent, so the time lines are correct, because its in the small and great prophets and NT, its the actual time line of The Bible (Tanakh and NT = New Testament), despite that they can still NOT predict the future, OR they are indeed genuine prophecies AS IN predicting the future

SO: Prophecies predicting the future, could be true, could not be true

Just type “timeline great tribulation” in Google Images

Mark of The Beast is most likely DNA pasport barcode on skin or implanted microchip

In Holland they start now with large scale DNA collecting from citizens by regular mail, population research its called, for some kind of disease control or prevention.

Ultimate goal: from everybody, every citizen a DNA sample in the database.

There is already talk and discussion going on whether these kind of voluntary given DNA samples databases should be coupled to the DNA samples from crimes database from the Dutch police force.

Not yet approved.

But sounds good right? Forget it!!! Governmental computer systems have constant hacks and data leaks, moreover we do not know whether secret services and their freelance black hat hackers will not manipulate the digital stored DNA data and DNA evidence, to get rid of problematic people, by getting them found guilty in court of law, and send to jail (innocent).

This DNA pasport data is according to me The Mark of The Beast in Revelation, moreover now for example the biometric data of fingerprints is already digitally stored in a chip in a regular pasport, so customs at airports can verify at will.

What would be more funny than that your DNA data pasport is tattooed on your arm!? Or implanted in a chip in your body, the chip can than also read your thoughts and sends them over the internet to a server, can detect that you’re are lying too. OK sometimes for the good.

Are illuminati khazarian mafia?

COPY / PASTE from my “galien8” Above Top Secret (ATS) newsgroups account

The khazars are said to be satan worshipers and do human sacrifices to kill conscience and regress to reptile brain, to become animals with animals instincts only

I do not say that illuminati are satan worshipers, for all I know they are an esoteric mystical organization that came from the rosicrucians which came from the freemasons, so a secret organization within an secret organization within a secret organization, with increasing secrecy, could be they are infiltrated

Anyway not my fault that all secret organizations are a black box, organizations like nsa cia freemasons etc., I want to know how it ticks, so for instance I think in the pan global conglomerate of secret services in the world there is a secret mafia, the godfather (capo-di-tuti-capi) is the actual #bigbrotheriswatchingyou

signed THE LAMB >:-|(o)|-:[]


This source is as always, with everything on the internet could be true, could not be true

…so I am not a God worth worshiping? you arrogant pricks >:-|(o)|-:[]

…everyone that keeps working for microsoft nsa cia is EXODUS 20:5 doomed…

…I operate from the outside…

…if they mess with my business I’m gonna mess with their business…

…Oh Lord…bless this simple food…for a simple taste…AMEN…

Apollyon is the Code Name for the #bigbrotheriswatchingyou “capo-di-tuti-capi”

In Revelations this is called “the angel from the abyss” and the “beast from the earth”. This beast has the number 666 or 616 and it speaks like the lamb, it gives the spirit to the beast who was en not is, the dichotomy 7 & 8 King.

In the 2 numbers of the beast there is also dichotomy, because one could be for the lamb (Ἀριθμὸς τοῦ θηρίου, Arithmos tou Thēriou) and the other for the beast. θηρίου (Thēriou) can mean both “a wild dangerous animal” and “a hunted animal, to be eaten”

So the lamb could be the hunted animal and have number 666 or 616

So the beast could be the wild and dangerous animal and also have number 666 or 616

Problem with the number of the beast (moreover here we even got 2 possibilities) is that there are so many possibilities and people have always manipulated and recalculated it to fit for Hitler, Napoleon, Nero and many Pope names alike. One can always find a fit by manipulating names of a certain person and go crazy about it.




Well yeah lets have someone of the Intelligence Community say wire tap or not :-(

Its like the butcher doing the quality control of its own meat.

This allegedly tapping and surveying of TRUMPs campaign team is supported by the many leaks to the ALL THE PRESIDENTS MEN newspaper The Washington Post and other media.

Moreover all the connections of TRUMPs team with Russian ambassadors was political and diplomatic as to get the later TRUMP administration oiled and running. The Russians were eager because they betted that TRUMP would win. OK some made an honest buck of $ 30,000 or so for a lecture in Moscow, so what, we still live in a capitalistic society and system right?

Bottom line is that by leaking the Intelligence Community already confessed.