Religion? Where I stand now

To begin with the concept of THE ARCHITECT of our Universe Simulation, we call reality. Our Universe is a computer simulation run on a finite automaton machine, meaning the cyber space is limited, the “volume” is limited, the amount of galaxies, stars, planets etc. simulated is limited. The computer runs in the real, infinite and eternal Universe. THE ARCHITECT is (software) architect, programmer, system administrator etc. all in one person, a humanoid, meaning a human being, only not in our dimension (inside the simulation) but outside our dimension, like in the real Universe, lets say the hardware dimension.

THE ARCHITECT is the creator of our Universe Simulation, he is God to us, he can practically do anything to us and our universe. THE ARCHITECT puts himself as a kind of sport sometimes in the Universe Simulation, so a copy (body and soul) on our Earth, thats me, called the liaison (Dutch: Verbindingsman). THE ARCHITECT communicates with the liaison through Dream Theme Anagrammata, these contain the liaison’s instructions. So liaison gets a dream, he makes a dream theme from it and does anagrams, he filters all possibilities for useful anagrams, I call anagrammata.

Most important for me:

  • The 10 Commandments EXODUS 20
  • an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth
  • What Jesus taught: Worship only the Good… (My addition: …and do Evil, but not in violation of The 10 Commandments)
  • Only defend, never attack. Verbally you may attack but never to provoke physical violence
  • For human laws and norms: Don’t get caught, best you stick to the rules then
  • ICHTHYS on CROSS symbol (picture)
  • Trinity: THE ARCHITECT, verbindingsman (liaison), Dream Theme Anagrammata
  • He who sees me sees THE ARCHITECT
  • cary, cary me holy

signed EL KHIDR